While the FIT Diversity Comic Con is a celebration of multiculturalism in the comic arts, it is also an opportunity to educate.

10:00 Show Starts, Doors Open

10:30 Room A – The Animation Career
Do you want to me a professional animator? Join us at for this informative session with some of today’s industry pros.

10:30 Room B – SuperQueeroes: Representation in Comics
How to demand more relevant topics and better fleshed-out characters from the industry.

12:00 Main Stage – Welcome Address: Ron Milon
The FIT Vice-president of Diversity will say a few opening remarks and introduce the keynote speaker.

12:05 Main Stage – Keynote: Roz Chast
Roz is an award-wining cartoonist for the New Yorker magazine.

12:30 Room A – A Conversation with Roz Chast
Roz will talk about her career and answer questions from the audienceModerated by Gina Gagliano of Random House Graphic.

12:30 Room B – The Life of Mark Gruenwald
FIT professor Cat Schuller talks about the late writer/editor and his impact on the comics industry.

2:00 Room A – YA and Children’s Graphic Novels
They say the future of the comics medium is in young adult and books for kids. This panel will explore that topic and how it can affect young creators.

2:00 Room B – Webcomics Publishing
In this day and age, you don’t actually need a “publisher” to produce comics. Let’s find out how from these veterans of the internet.

3:30 Room A – Drawing on Your Culture
After decades of seeing the same demographics represented on the comics page, today’s creators are bringing their culture with them. Let’s chat with these some folks who come from wildly different backgrounds.

3:30 Room B – Costume Design for Film and Stage
Let’s take a look at this fascinating industry and find out how to build a career making fashion for stories and actors.

5:00 Main Stage – Cosplay Pageant 
Cap off the day and enjoy the spectacle of cosplayers strutting their stuff across the main stage. All Cosplayers are welcome, but need to register for the pageant at the main information table.

6:00 Show Ends