Here’s a complete schedule of this weekend’s events:

All times are Eastern Standard (New York)

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2:30 PM Breaking into Hollywood
Superhero movies and TV shows have become a multi-billion dollar industry in the last decade. And not just from Marvel and DC, but from indie and creator owned comics as well. Scott Pilgrim, Men in Black, A History of Violence, Road to Perdition, and many more. Learn how you can increase your chances of getting your comic onto the big screen. Featuring Shanty Harmayn (Producer), Robert Scull (Nickelodeon), Alex Segura (Archie Comics) and Vivek Tiwary (The Fifth Beatle). Moderated by Gamal Hennessy, ESQ

4:00 pm – Keynote Address
A keynote address will be delivered by Shawn Martinbrough, veteran comic book artist. The keynote will be followed by a brief Q & A session.

5:00 pm – Scholastic Panel
The team behind Scholastic Graphix, the publisher of Dog Man, Raina Telgemeier, Bone, and more, discuss how graphic novels get made. Learn how a graphic novel goes from pitch to bookshelf, the role of an editor, and recent trends in the children’s graphic novel space. This program is ideal for graphic novel creators and aspiring publishing professionals. Featuring Phil Falco (Creative Director),  Megan Peace (Editor)  and Jonah Newman (Assistant Editor), Moderated by Carli Spina (FIT Head of Research).

6:30 pm – Kiku Hughes Q & A
Kiku Hughes is a cartoonist and illustrator who currently has a book called Displacement form MacMillan/First Second. Moderated by Kyunghee Pyun (FIT Art History Professor)

8:00 pm – Creator Networking
Meet other creators in this live virtual speed networking session. You must preregister in order to attend. Click here to register for FRIDAY.


10:00 am – Mika Song Q & A
A live discussion with children’s writer and illustrator, Mika Song. She currently has several books through Random House including Donut Feed the Squirrels and Cancer Hates Kisses. Moderated by Ed Murr (FIT Illustration Professor)

11:30 am – Panel Discussion: Using current events as inspiration
As creative professionals, the real world is a continual source of inspiration whether it serves as the core setting for a work or serves as a subtle influence on its contours. But, how do creators turn real-world, current events into inspiration for fictional works? Using examples from their own works and experience, panelists will discuss how they have incorporated current events into their work or used it as inspiration for their creations. With Kiku Hughes (First Second), LL McKinney (DC) and Alex Sanchez (DC). Moderated by Andrea Colvin (Little Brown Books)

1:00 pm – Panel Discussion: COVID-19’s Impact on the Comics Industry
COVID-19 has impacted virtually every industry and the comics industry is no different. Panelists will discuss their experiences during the pandemic and what sorts of long-term changes they think the comics world will experience due to this period of upheaval. With Stanford Carpenter (Comic Scholar), Gina Gagliano (Random House Graphic), Andy Schmidt (Comic Experience) and John Siuntres (Word Balloon). Moderated by Heidi Macdonald (The Beat)

2:30 pm – DC Presents “Represent!: It’s A Bird”
Christian Cooper and Alitha E. Martinez’s story “It’s a Bird”, the first chapter in DC’s Represent! anthology series of comics, turns a pair of binoculars in the hands of a teenage boy into an examination of racial profiling and police brutality. Through the magic and power of graphic storytelling, “It’s a Bird” is both a conversation starter and a thoughtful response to the events that have played out in the public eye over the last few decades. Christian Cooper and Alitha E. Martinez are joined by Alitha’s son Michael Briar Polson to moderate the audience Q & A.

4:00 pm – Panel Discussion: On Being Marginalized in Comics
The comics industry has long been dominated by voices representing a very narrow band of the population, with the voices of marginalized creators often shut out or minimized, particularly at major publishers. While the publishing industry has begun to improve this situation in some ways, significant work yet remains to meaningfully address existing inequity. Panelists will discuss where the industry has been, what the current environment is, and where they think the industry is headed based on their own experiences. With Amy Chu (Alpha Girl), Omar Mirza (ZIndan Comics) and Regine Sawyer (Women’s Comics Collective). Moderated by Fabrice Sapolsky (FairSquare Comics)

5:30 pm – Drawing Contest
A live drawing contest will be conducted. Participants will be drawing from images of cosplayers. For more details and to register, click here

8:00 pm – Creator Networking
Meet other creators in this live virtual speed networking session. You must preregister in order to attend. Click here to register for SATURDAY

COSPLAY CHALLENGE – Images must be posted on Instagram by October 12.
Post at least 5 images of your best cosplay on instagram using the hashtag #FITDVC. Three Finalists will receive a prize and be featured in a drawing contest. All five images must be of the same costume. Close-up and details shots highly recommended. Click here for more info.

*Times and topics subject to change.