A panel discussion on self-publishing

All events will be virtual. Times subject to change.


Beyond Superheroes: Dynamic Characters in Comic Books. 
Friday, October 16 @ 4:00pm EST
How a more diverse cast of characters in terms of ethnicity, gender-preference and (dis)abilities and changing the industry and readership.
Panelists: Karen Green

How to Self Publish
Friday, October 15 @ 6:00pm EST
A step by step Q&A on self-publishing. From writing, to drawing to, production, printing and marketing. Everything you need to know.
Panelists: Shelly Bond, Mauricio Cordero


Countering Asian Hate
Saturday, October 16 @ 12:00pm EST
Is there anything we can do as storytellers to either bring Racism against Asians to light or even lessen its occurrence.

The International Comics Scene
Saturday, October 16 @ 2:00pm EST
Join a group of diverse creators and take a glimpse into what comics are like from around the world.

The Authentic Voice: Showing “isms” in Comic Stories
Saturday, October 16 @ 4:00pm EST
What are the pros and cons, the pitfalls the one has to watch out for when using slurs and derogatory language to show bigotry in our stories.

Drawing Contest
Saturday, October 16 @ 6:00pm
Join fellow creators compete in a themed drawing contest.

Creator Virtual Networking
Saturday, October 16 @ 8:00pm EST
Mingle with creators, publishers and fans and make the connections you need to break into a career in comics!