A truly diverse Artists Alley with creators from all over the world! Watch their videos and click on their links to visit their sites, buy their stuff or follow them on social media.

Ahoy Comics
Ahoy Comics is an American comic book publisher. It was founded in 2018 by publisher Hart Seely, editors Tom Peyer and Stuart Moore, and chief creative officer Frank Cammuso. At its launch, Ahoy sought to distinguish itself from other comics publishers by using a magazine format featuring additional bonus material in each periodical issue, such as short stories, poetry, and more. https://comicsahoy.com/comics

Cristian Aluas
Cristian is a New York City-based professional artist, writer, and filmmaker born in Romania. He’s an active member of the New York comic community and has taught a few online courses on comics. His “Big Boss” character was adapted into a short live-action film. You can view his work at http://www.CSA1.ca

Backroom Comics
At Backroom Comics we create stories with the ultimate goal of providing an enjoyable experience for our readers. When our audience has walked away having been thoroughly entertained, we’ve done our jobs. We have started with our two short stories preluding the events of our first two series “Centurion” and “Specter” (full series currently in development). “Centurion” is the story of the strongest hero the world has ever seen. This prologue explores the thrilling origin of what led him to dawn the cape. “Specter” is a coming of age tale exploring a superpowered young adult who just wants to be seen. But he possesses the supernatural ability to become unseen. We are extremely excited to be crafting stories that can provoke thought while most importantly preserving the tons of fun that comics have the great potential to be. Follow us at www.backroomcomics.com

The BORDERx Anthology Project has attracted artists from around the world. Argentina, Egypt, South Africa, The United Kingdom and of course the U.S.A. We are artists and writers united who are willing to stand in the face of oppression and to denounce it in words and pictures. We use comix as our medium and we have partnered with several organizations and individuals to put the current policies on record. By diving deep into the details, we seek to bring context and depth beyond the headlines. The anthology collects funds for the South Texas Human Rights Center who provide water stations, search and rescue as well as forensic recovery for migrants who take the treacherous journey to cross the border in search of a better life. We have also partnered with Project Amplify and Asylum Seekers Advocacy Program (ASAP) to bring sworn testimonies from migrants to the page. This full color comic anthology features talented artists both established and undiscovered. Visit www.border-x.com

Josipa Čok My comic is about Jane who is ecologist, scientist and chocolate lover. She gets super power of Earth itself, to protect and fight for Eco Planet. Her super powers are flying, weather stimulation, healing. She is Eco Woman! https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/ecowoman-aka-ewoman/list?title_no=385542

The Comic Arts Workshop
An online membership school for people who want to gain or upgrade their comic creating skills at their own pace. Perfect for those who have busy schedules. Not so much about learning how to draw comics but more like how to be a better and more prolific graphic novelist. Join us at http://www.comicartsworkshop.com

Nicole Cuellar
is a freelance illustrator who had recently graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology. Her work consists of portraits, horror, and sensual yet fierce women. Her commissions are open. https://www.etsy.com/shop/NCuellarStore?ref=seller-platform-mcnav

Andre Daniels Welcome to “Treble: The Rhythm Within”. A mysterious virus has taken Washington D.C by storm! The city is in a panic and has gone crazy. A high school student named Zamir Green has been exposed to the virus and his body begins to mutate. It seems like music is triggering something deep down within him! What in the world is going on!? This series is an action drama/musical. Throughout the series our main character will discover that he has gained the ability to gain a different super power based on the genre he listens to. The powers are based on the emotional/stereotypical response that people in our world have toward particular genres of music. https://www.spinwhizcomics.com/site/comics/brutal-planet-comics/treble

DFAT Comics is a comic book and graphic novel publisher founded in 2018. DFAT publishes diverse and inclusive comics and graphic novels including Pursuit of Plastic, Hollowed, Inferi, and more in the works. Visit dontforgetowel.com/dfat-comics

Michael Dolce has been a professional Writer, Artist, Podcaster and Awesome Dude in the comic book industry for over 15 years. In 2006 he launched his flagship title, acclaimed superhero comic book “The Sire” through After Shock Comics and currently available through Kickstarter. Since then, he co-created “Descendant” for Image Comics, “The Mainstream” through Zenescope Entertainment and has written for various companies like Wizard Magazine, Zenescope and AMNY. When he’s not creating comics, he’s hosting the hit Pop Culture podcast The Rogue Wav Podcast, available on Apple Podcasts, Apple TV, iHeart Radio, YouTube and wherever podcasts can be seen and heard. In 2019, Dolce announced the creation of Sire Studios, a multi-genre IP Production Company. You can view his work on Comixology, Amazon, iTunes or your local comic book shop. In 2020 he announced that he is partnering with Roguematter.com as the head of their podcast network and collaborating on new comics and IPS. Currently, Dolce is working on a number of new launches in both the graphic novel and podcast world including a new volume of The Sire coming in December to Kickstarter and projects for Rogue Matter.

Steven Farkas Horror and Science Fiction books. Horror includes story collections and novellas. Zombies, hauntings, flash fiction horror with aliens, vampires, quite suburban cannibals. A science fiction crime book series set in the future with the main character a robot private detective. https://thedeadmannj.wixsite.com/darkmindofsfarkas

geeknami is made up of the dynamic duo of Shea and Shaunna. We make geeky designs for geeky folks! Shea is a sketch card artist for Marvel Upperdeck and freelance graphic designer. He is experienced in both traditional and digital art; he has illustrated children’s novels, designed logos and other graphics for various companies, and recently completed Fighter’s Legacy, the enormous 800+ character art piece that is his send up to iconic fighting games, among other projects. Shea describes his style as “comics meets anime” and loves creating the epic, extraordinarily detailed mashups that have become a geeknami ™. Shaunna is a lifelong dork who fell into marketing after trying out an assortment of jobs. She handles all social media and production for geeknami, and also helps develop awesome new products and designs. She is constantly searching for the next great idea. https://geeknami.storenvy.com/

Graham Henderson
I’m a comics creator from Chicago. I’m currently working on Compatabots, a teen graphic novel series set in Compatabots University — where students figure out how they fit in the world . . . through robot battles! I’ve written other long and short comics, which are on my website at www.grambocomics.com.

Michael Grassia is a cartoonist and educator with a career spanning over two decades. He is known for his comics Plunger Pup and The Wiz. Michael also travels teaching kids about comics and animation. Every Tuesday night at 8:30 pm on Facebook and YouTube Michael interviews artist, writers, and other creative professionals in the cartoon world on his show GET IN TOON! In 2019 Michael received an award for his devotion to the arts and art education. In addition to the award Michael was presented with a special honor from the Westchester Board of Legislators naming October 5th Michael Grassia Day. You can follow Michael on instagram, twitter,and YouTube at @michaelgrassia and on Facebook at @getintoon.net and @michaelgrassiastudios. https://www.instagram.com/michaelgrassia/

Stefan Jackson
What if ‘Think Differently’ was more than a campaign slogan?
What if it was part of a mind control network geared toward advanced sciences, creating a vibrant, creative and competitive workforce? This is the world of Glass Shore, a dynamic existence featuring fierce vehicles, cruel weapons and serious body augmentation. Buy my books at https://www.amazon.com/Glass-Shore-Stefan-Jackson/dp/190816848X

John Jennison. Astonishing QT focuses on queer horror and occult comics and artwork. Crime, drama, hauntings and bizarre happenings are what drive the creative process of artist John Jennison. Along with comics he also created a queer masculine divine tarot deck called the MYSTIC MALE TAROT. https://www.etsy.com/shop/AstonishingQT

Jim Jimenez has worked with Walt Disney and Hanna Barbera as lay-out and storyboard artist and did some projects like Gummie Bears, Winnie the Pooh, Tom and Jerry, Police Academy, X-Men Tv series,Biker Mice from Mars, The Mask, Thumbelina,etcand now working as Senior Graphic Illustrator at Epik Studios. https://www.deviantart.com/artofjimnjimenez

Brian Kong Hi, My name is Brian Kong and I’ve been a freelance artist since 1994.I’ve done work in the comic book, trading card & advertising industries  with clients such as Marvel, Dc , Lucasfilm & MLB.  I’m a born & raised New Yorker and currently live in Brooklyn with my wife & 2 daughters. briankong.storenvy.com

Jessie Lin is a New York-based illustrator. She mainly focuses on comics and sequential illustration. She began her study in FIT Illustration MFA in August 2019. Awards: American Illustration 39 Chosen Winner 3×3 International Illustration Annual No.17 Merit Winner. www.junyulin.net

Jessy Liu. I am a Shanghai-based freelance illustrator, pop-up book maker, craftswoman, graphic designer and FIT MFA Illustration student in China. My illustrations are not just digital focused, but also created in a diversity media. There are so many kinds I did before and I am also ready to explore more. My several paintings are now available in Curated gallery who I worked with before. I have an original series stickers named “When I am alone”, a pop up book named “Shaggy” and several editorial illustrations for children’s book like “Night on the Milky Way Train.” View my works  at https://www.instagram.com/jessyyy_liu/.

Enrique Lopez. US born, via Puerto Rico, son of Cuban immigrants.  Quique was always fascinated with telling stories.  Writing from early age, he started in the industry in 1988 after graduation from Loyola University – New Orleans with a business degree but was unable to find steady work so he went into advertising as creative and account director for a number of prestigious agencies such as Leo Burnett and BBDO where some of his campaigns won awards.  The last three years has he restarted his career at the suggestion of various artists friends and he has been chosen as  the inker on Soul Eraser from Triple Threat Comics as well as The Mighty Atomic Thunderbolt.  He is also a published writer and artist with stories in Anthologies “Stupendous” and “Horredous #2” both available on his store page.  He will be contributing three (3) stories to the Kicktstarter anthology “Not So Fair Tales: debuting in 2021 and one of the artists working with him will be Paris Cullins, Co-Creator of Blue Devil (DC Comics).  He hosts a show, “Inking with Quique” via Instagram every Monday at 8pm @art_by_quique. https://artbyquique.storenvy.com/

Gregory Maldonado is a Bronx based artist of Puerto Rican, Dominican, Asian descent. With a course or 2 of training at The School of Visual Arts he’s mostly self taught. He Has been a part of 3 successful Kickstarter campaigns in which he contributed some or all of the art. Having been published by Pronto comics and Mondocomix, Greg’s extremely detailed work can currently be seen in the pages of the Shaolin nun comic series or at his Instagram.

Kal Mebane.  Kal Mebane is an award winning graphic designer who’s worked in both the print industry and as a freelance illustrator for over 20 years. His latest work is the science fiction comic book, Project 45.
Project 45 follows the adventures within Tidereus Academy, an all-girl military school built into a large asteroid. The school teaches intergalactic diplomacy, assigning small groups of students, called Projects, on missions to deal with various alien conflicts within the galaxy. Of these groups, Project 45 is the most troubled, consisting of Beatrix- their stern leader with a dark power, Aestas- the mysterious, silent telepath and Taura- the hotheaded mechanical genius. The newest addition to the group is Carmen, the first human accepted into the academy. Her talents should help her fit in, but will she ever gain the acceptance of the others as they struggle toward graduation. https://enigmaresolve.blogspot.com/p/store.html

Shanai Melvin.  I do comic work, illustrations shirt designs and commissions for people. Artwork is inspired by anime and Japanese culture. https://melvinshanai.wixsite.com/myartportfolio

Jonah Newman.  I’m a Brooklyn-based cartoonist and editor. My work tends to be reality-based — memoir, history, historical fiction, or semi-autobiographical fiction. I’m the author of two graphic novels: EMPIRE ON EDGE, which I published as a webcomic, and OUT OF LEFT FIELD, which is forthcoming from Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. To check out my work and support me, go to my website, where you can read most of my comics for free and find out how to follow me on social media or subscribe to my email newsletter. https://www.jonahnewmancomics.com

O U T S I D E outsiderqueersubversiveocculthorror a graphic anthology of new speculative fiction by artists, writers, performers and porn stars from around the world, including – Joe R. Lansdale, Daniele Serra, Diamanda Galás, Chesya Burke, Jennifer y Cruté and many more.
Curated and edited in Berlin O U T S I D E, like that city it was born in, is sometimes scary, often weird, crazy and dark, but always beautiful, offering you something you’ve never seen before. It is here to give voice to those who have been excluded, all those that would rather remain… O U T S I D E

Panel Up. We are Berlin’s international comics scene. A safe and inclusive space for everyone from seasoned pros to enthusiastic amateurs – Artists, writers and readers from all over the world come together once a month in Berlin, Germany, to celebrate, discover and create together.

Stephanie Nina Pitsirilos. My comics and prose are featured in anthologies such as: Insider Art; COVID Chronicles: A Comics Anthology; and Unlikely Heroes Studios, among others—and I’m co-creator of the Webtoon series DR163. My work is a sancocho of public health, social justice, biographical and speculative—with an emphasis on Nuyorican settings, and where historical legacy haunts present and future. My treasure trove of current projects includes: polishing a new novel; an adult cyberpunk comic series; a graphic prose webcomic; season two of DR163; and a YA graphic novella. www.stephanieninapitsirilos.com

Jill Pratzon is an illustrator, writer and art restorer who mines her New England childhood for the sweet and the horrific; Huskies, Dalmatians, ducks, a feisty raccoon and stray brothers and sisters. Her graphic memoir, Raised by Wolves, is a true story about parental neglect, sibling cruelty and canine loyalty, laced with dark humor. Her first graphic novel, Restoration & Son, delves into pediatric brain tumor humor. Her newest story, Brooklyn Rhino, details what happens when a rhinoceros runs amok in Brooklyn. Jill has restored hundreds of paintings from the collections of the Society of Illustrators, the Norman Rockwell Museum, Illustration House and countless collectors. https://www.instagram.com/jill_pratzon/

Jan Marc Quisumbing. The Janimal is a Jersey tomato roasting in the Arizona sun. A graduate of the Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University (NJ) he now resides in Northern Arizona with his family and 2 cats. He has exhibited at comic conventions from Phoenix Fan Fusion to New York Comic Con and serves as the acting president of the Northern Arizona Cartoonist Association (NAZCA). His fun and cartoony style has a great retro feel and translates easily to the drawing demo classes that haven been a staple at Verde Valley libraries and LibCons over the past 5 years. His work can be seen on Facebook (The Janimal Draws). https://www.instagram.com/thejanimaldraws/

Fabrice Sapolsky. A true storyteller, Fabrice can write, draw, letter and edit any comic book. He is the co-creator/co-writer of Spider-Man Noir for Marvel Comics (with David Hine). He also published creator-owned comics at Image Comics and Dynamite Entertainment. Breathing comics night and day, Fabrice also served as Senior Editor at publisher Humanoids (2017-2020) where he developed the new H1 Comics and BiG imprints. He lives in Los Angeles where founded FairSquare Comics, a new publisher where he’s hosting his own projects like One-Hit Wonder, Intertwined and Lady-Bird as well as those from his amazing friends. In 2020, FairSquare Comics successfully crowdfunded Noir Is The New Black, an anthology of Black Noir stories from 30 Black creators and Twin Kings Battle, a Supernatural Queer Drama from Phil Briones. FairSquare Comics’ mission statement is “Comics For The Rest of Us”: the goal is to showcase and publish comics and graphic novels from immigrants and under-represented categories of creators just like Fabrice Sapolsky.

Saving Jane empowers survivors of all forms of modern day slavery and human trafficking to live the life that they want to live. We work with national and global organizations to produce and distribute graphic novels (comic books) that teach about human trafficking – what it is, what it looks like, what to do when you see it, and how people fall victim to it. In this easy to follow graphic novel format, young people learn to identify, see and avoid the red flags of predatory behavior.  Saving Jane is committed to ending all forms of these crimes through raising of the public’s awareness, education, the transformation of lives of impacted individuals, and the creation of systems, technology and policies to protect and support impacted individuals or prevent the formation of social conditions conducive to trafficking. Check out our books.

George Vega is a freelance illustrator working in comics and general illustration. He is known for his work on many Marvel/Upper Deck and DC/Cryptozoic trading cards sets, and on other franchises like Alien, Aliens anthology, Firefly, and Rick and Morty cards. Currently, George is doing work in indie comics as the creator of The World Of M and penciling other international indy comics as well. Some other general illustration projects he has worked on are character design, toy design and packaging illustration for designer toy companies. www.etsy.com/shop/georgevegaartIm offering %10 off anything in my shop to the viewers of the video.

Wayward Raven creates comics, webcomics, children’s books and prose. Our works are limited series and stories that have a beginning, middle and end. Our content is not just plot focused, but also character driven. Most importantly, DEAD IS DEAD. It’s our niche. And we like it. https://waywardraven.com

Miriam Yoo (Aka Staryoo) I am a Korean-American artist based in New York. My work is heavily influenced by the anime and manga style, so you will see me draw a lot of fanarts. I incorporate my life experiences and personal beliefs in my art, and use it in a meaningful way to help others. I try my best to raise awareness for different social issues and to share relatable stories to empower others. I am currently holding a T-shirt campaign called “Black Lives Are Precious” to help raise funds for the BLM movement. I also have a webtoon series in the works called “Misfit Hero”, which is about a bunch of misfits saving a fantasy world from an evil ice wizard. I am also a Youtube content creator who animate short animations and make fun vlogs on the side. https://www.instagram.com/staryoo.art