Diversity Comic Con is a now a two-day event celebrating multi-culturalism in the comic arts. Due to the current health crisis, it will be held online starting Saturday, October 16 into Sunday, October 17. This event is sponsored by the FIT President’s Council on Diversity. 

Why Diversity Comic Con?
While the medium of comic books has been around for almost a century, the visibility and participation of minorities has been sorely lacking. But times are changing, and the causes and visibility of multicultural arts and stories are more crucial than ever.

More and more, the lines between print and screen media are blurring and merging as stories that were once the domain of comic books become the movies and television shows of today. Comic books are the beginning of visual storytelling.Diversity Comic Con gives students an opportunity to be exposed to careers that are truly multidisciplinary while providing a venue to showcase their work to publishers, professionals, and the general public. This event gives them an invaluable experience and will widen their horizons.

This event is fully sponsored by a grant from the FIT President’s Diversity Council.