If you wish to participate in the FIT Diversity Comic Con, here are a few options:

This event, funded by President’s Council on Diversity, was conceived for the benefit of the community at Fashion Institute of Technology. Students, faculty and staff, don’t need to register to attend the event. Simply bring and show your FIT ID and enjoy the show!

Be An Exhibitor
If you have art, crafts or books you’d like to sell we have FREE half-table spots available for FIT students, faculty or staff. If you can only commit to part of the day due to classes, that’s fine, just let us know. If interested, please send a short bio and links to samples of your work to ramon_gil@fitnyc.edu

We can always use help at the registration table, watching the doors, assisting the exhibitors, coordinating the panel discussions, supplying the green room and more! All of which are on the day of the comic con. If you would like to help plan or be a team leader, we’d love that too! Please contact ramon_gil@fitnyc.edu

How can we call ourselves The Fashion Institute if we don’t strut our stuff in the cosplay department. All cosplayers are welcome but please don’t put on any face masks until after you’ve entered the show floor. Security won’t let you in unless they can see your face. All cosplayers are welcome to participate in the pageant on the main stage at 5pm but you must register at the main information table.

Help FIT Diversity Comic Con by telling all your friends about it. Just tell them to google “FIT Diversity Comic Con” to find our website. Yon also share it on social media using the hashtag “fitdivcon”