Roz Chast (Keynote)
Roz is an American cartoonist and a staff cartoonist for The New Yorker. Since 1978, she has published more than 800 cartoons in The New Yorker. She also publishes cartoons in Scientific American and the Harvard Business Review. In recognition of her work, Comics Alliance listed Chast as one of twelve women cartoonists deserving of lifetime achievement recognition. In May 2017, she received the Alumni Award for Artistic Achievement at the Rhode Island School of Design Commencement ceremony.

A Wave Blue World
Founded in 2005 by Tyler & Wendy Chin-Tanner, AWBW is an independent publisher of high quality graphic novels, anthologies and art books with a focus on originality and cultural relevance. Titles include: All We Ever Wanted, Kismet, The Kids Stick Together, The 27 Run, Loved & Lost, Punkrock Jazz, The Killing Jar, American Terrorist, Broken Frontier and more!

Veronica Agarwal
Veronica is a Cartoonist and Illustrator from NYC. She graduated from SVA in May 2016 with a BFA in Cartooning. She’s half Indian and half Italian, and she loves plants, summertime, dogs and her 3 cats! Her work focuses on mental health, coming of age stories, and friendship! Currently she’s working on her first graphic novel, Just Roll With it, written by herself and her partner Lee Durfey-Lavoie. Just Roll With it will be published by Penguin Random House in 2021!

AHOY Comics
AHOY debuted in the fall of 2018 with the bold promise for readers to expect more from its line up of comic book magazines, featuring comic book stories, poetry, prose fiction, and cartoons. The independent, Syracuse-based company is the brainchild of Publisher Hart Seely, an award-winning reporter whose humor and satire has appeared in The New York Times and on National Public Radio. AHOY’s Editor-in-Chief Tom Peyer is committed to publishing comics with a (dark) sense of humor with titles like the superhero parody The Wrong Earth, the religious satire High Heaven, the sci-fi spoof Captain Ginger, and the anthology series Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter Of Terror.

Abelard Alexis
Abelard is a young freelance illustrator from Brooklyn. His goal is to evoke emotion in his artwork by utilizing colors and composition to create awe-inspiring digital illustrations. After graduating from FIT two years ago, Abelard has been freelancing; creating fun original art work ranging from cover art and character illustrations for a multitude of clients. In addition, he’s been working relentlessly complete his long-cherished dream project, his ‘Alternia’ comic!

Chris Allo
Chris is the owner of Magnus Art Agency. A former Talent Manager for Marvel Entertainment, Chris helped to launch the comic careers of artist’s Rafa Sandoval, Marko Djurdjevic and Mico Suayan. He currently runs Magnus Arts Agency and does conventions doing portfolio reviews and panels talking about what it takes to be a working comic book artist in the industry today.

Cristian S. Aluas
Cristian is a New York City-based professional artist, writer, and filmmaker born in Romania. He’s an active member of the New York comic community and has taught a few online courses on comics. His “Big Boss” character was adapted into a short live-action film and his “Big Boss Comic” just launched.

Asian American Arts Alliance
Founded in 1983, The “alliance” is a diverse alliance of artists, organizations, and individual supporters who believe that working together as a pan ethnic, multidisciplinary community is essential to nurturing the development of artists and arts organizations and to providing a critical voice for this community. The organization is dedicated to ensuring greater representation, equity, and opportunities for Asian American artists and arts organizations through resource sharing, promotion, and community building.

Brittany Bernabe
Brittany’s passion is in designing colorful characters and odd creatures. She also hand makes one-of-a-kind miniature sculptures of tiny food, tiny monsters, and tiny animals. Most so small they can fit in the palm of your hands! An FIT grad, born and raised in New York and she been Illustrating and sculpting for about 6 years now.

Christian Blaza
Chris is a New Jersey based illustrator. Graduating with a BFA in Animation/Illustration at Montclair State University, he continues his education at FIT for his MFA in Illustration. Members of the Society of Illustrators and Society of Philippine American Artist. Interested in editorial illustration, creating imaginative worlds, and video game culture.

Photo of Jon Peter Buzio

Jon Peter Buzio
JP is a graduate of The Kubert School and Pace University, pursuing a career in Comic Book and Commercial Art. He is the founder and Creative Director of Time’s Arrow Productions, a new company focused on publishing young artists and writers. He is the co-writer and artist for the new comic Danger Cat. He is also an official Upperdeck Sketchcard artist, having done seven sets since 2016. 

Photo of Amit Chauhan

Amit Chauhan
Amit is a British comic writer now residing in New York City. He has worked with companies such as Image Comics/Top Cow Publishing and IDW Publishing. He is a past winner of the Top Cow Talent Hunt and creator of many independent works including Yakuza: Demon Killers, The 13th Artifact and the highly successful Kickstarter – Butcher: A Lesson In Criminality.

Xingzhou “Joe” Cheng
A lot of linework and beautiful color can be seen in Joe‘s illustrations. He likes to use ink and digital tools to draw from his imagination. His commercial clients include Absolut Vodka, Huawei Honor PC, Koehl’s, and ShanghaiPRIDE Festival. Joe is enrolled in FIT’s Illustration MFA program because he wants to create graphic novels.

Amy Chu
Amy is a comic book writer who runs the comic imprint Alpha Girl Comics as well as writing stories for other publishers. She has written Poison Ivy and Wonder Woman issues for DC, Red Sonja, Green Hornet’s Kato and KISS for Dynamite, X-Files for IDW, Where We Live for Image, X-O: Manowar for Valiant and Deadpool and Secret Empire for Marvel Comics. In 2017, she came out with her first graphic novel Ana and the Cosmic Race through Papercutz.

Andrea Colvin
Andrea is the former VP, Editor in Chief at Lion Forge Comics where she worked to fulfill the company’s mission of publishing “comics for everyone.” She was previously VP of Content, Book Division, for Andrews McMeel, where she co-founded the AMP! line of middle-grade graphic novels; Director of Publishing Operations for Open Road Integrated Media; and Executive Managing Editor for Abrams Books. She was an adjunct professor in NYU’s Graduate Publishing Program in 2011 and completed the Yale University Publishing Course in 2013.

J. M. DeSantis
J.M. is a writer and artist who’s work has appeared in many diverse industries, both self-published and traditionally published, including prose fiction, comics, websites, and even film (Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated). He is the author of a number of short stories, books, comics, and artworks, mostly in the fantasy, horror, and humor genres, and is the creator of the South Asian dark fantasy heroine, Chadhiyana.

An FIT grad, Joe Luchesse is a Brooklyn based artist specializing in bizarre creature and character design. An illustrator since childhood, he’s swerved his talents into the worlds of digital photo-retouching, graphic design, and more recently 3D digital sculpting, concept art, and toy design. He has lent his fantastic imagery to magazine covers, record companies, music videos, collaborations with photographers, illustrators, toy makers, and gallery shows. His absolute love for giant monsters and all things SciFi/horror keeps him inspired and eager to create.

Jasmine Espinal
Jasmine is a skilled artist who uses her art as a vehicle to represent the history of her community. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her visual work tells stories of self-identity, culture, and politics, often referencing Mexican-American culture and pre-Columbian designs. 

Clifford Evan
Cliff is a freelance writer and college instructor, whose novel Delivered was released in paperback in 2013. The illustrator, Sonny Quinn, is a painter, storyboard artist, and the director of the documentary film A Light in the Dark, the Art and Life of Frank Mason, an official selection of the Newport Beach and Big Apple Film Festivals.

Ray Felix
A Bronx native, Ray is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts. His comics include, “Bronx Heroes: “Runaway Slave”, Bronx Heroes: The Greatest Hero Black Power, Heavy Traffic, Enter: The Roach and “A World Without Superheroes”.  Ray Felix is also the Founder of the community based organization, Bronx Heroes Comic Con, and Co-Founder of Women in Comics Con, which promotes literacy and education through the practice of reading and creating comics. In 2017, Ray famously won a suit by Marvel & DC over the use of the word “Superheroes.”

Wenqi Feng
Wenqi is a New York-based illustrator who grew up in China. She began her graduate study at FIT in August 2019. Before coming to America, Wenqi studied Architecture Design in her undergraduate program which significantly influenced her personal style. In her work, Wenqi focuses on combining exaggerated forms and strong lines to create unrealistic worlds.

Erica Friedman
Erica is a writer on lesbian-themed Japanese Comics and animation, a genre known as “Yuri” which is the topic of her blog Okazu, online since 2002.  For a decade she ran the first English-language Yuri-only manga publishing company ALC Publishing and Yurikon LLC, Social Media Without Delusion. She is also an LGBTQ and Geek Marketing Consultant and proud to be an MLS. 

Photo of Gina Gagliano

Gina Gagliano
Gina is easily one of the most influential people in graphic novel publishing today. Gagliano attended Reed College in Portland, OR where she first discovered her love for comics. Since then she has been the marketing manager for First Second Books and now heads up the graphic novel division of Random House. She also co-hosts the very informative podcast Graphic Novel TK.

Photo of Glenn Hauman

Glenn Hauman
Glenn is an American editor, publisher, writer of novels and short stories, book illustrator, and comic book colorist. He has worked in a variety of roles in print and electronic publishing, including software and website development, as well as his TV and novel work within the Star Trek and X-Men franchises.

Gamal Hennessy
Gamal is a comic book attorney and author with twenty years of experience in the entertainment industry. During his career, he’s represented major corporate clients including animation and manga companies, Marvel Comics, After Shock, Mad Cave Studios as well as independent artists and writers. He is currently writing a book on the business and legal aspects of publishing independent comics, scheduled for release in 2020.

Connie Hernandez
Connie is a freelance comic artist and illustrator from Chicago. Currently studying comics at SCAD Atlanta, she aspires to make creator owned graphic novels, that are emotionally driven and inspire hope and self-love in her readers. Though the best of her work is still yet to come, she’s participated in a couple indie anthologies and makes minicomics in the spaces between school work.

Photo of Micheline Hess

Micheline Hess
Micheleine was born and raised in New York City. She started her professional comic book career in the early 90s with Milestone Comics as a colorist. She has several creator owned works such as the award-winning fantasy-adventure comic, book series ‘Malice in Ovenland’, ‘The Anansi Kids and the All Saints’ Day Adventure’, and the children’s book ‘The Island Cats of Cunga Ree.’ Micheline is most adept at creating characters and stories that provide a safe and fun way to inspire young children, especially girls. Through colorful flights of fun and fancy, she hopes to encourage a stronger sense of self-love, friendship, and a hunger to embrace all things new and different in the world around them.

Olivia Hu
Loose lines and vibrant colors are often spotted in her work, Olivia is currently a MFA student exploring the art of visual storytelling in New York City. By experimenting with different styles and materials, she depicts elaborated world of emotions that focus on both individual and universal experiences. You can check out her recent works and sketches on Instagram @oliihu.

Photo of Mindy Indy

Mindy Indy
Mindy is a professional cartoonist working in New York City. She regularly exhibits in comic conventions, selling her independent comics and creating commissioned art. Her coloring work has appeared in Marvel comics. She recently had a successful Kickstarter for her sci-fi/comedy comic series called “AER HEAD!”  See her process of creating the comic continue on Patreon!  Mindy also has taught comics at Harlem Children’s Zone and “Business Basics for Freelancers” classes around Brooklyn.

Photo of Indira Jainanan

Indira Jainanan
Also known as Indira J or MetalSorcery, Indira is a self-taught artist and writer born and raised in Bronx, NY. Lacking the resources to attend art school, she persisted, spending every waking moment trying to answer the lifelong question of “How Do I Draw Good?” She currently dedicates her life to her two webcomics: The Misadventures of Buddy and Friend and Sacrimony: A Tale of Love, Life and Death – In No Particular Order.

Hamilton Johnson
Tony is an assistant professor of Computer Animation and Interactive Media at FIT. He is a veteran of the animation industry with three decades of experience. Outside of FIT, he runs Searight Studios, an animation and effects facility in New York. In 2017, Tony received the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, which honors those who consistently demonstrate superb teaching at the undergraduate, graduate, or professional level.

Shallah Jones
As a survivor of depression and anxiety, Shallah uses comics to spread awareness of mental health. Characters in his stories often face mental health problems but are nonetheless powerful and likable. His first self-published work, Mad Jacket 9 is an entry into his fictional world where a pandemic illness called metapsychosis imbues some people with dangerous psychic abilities. Shallah is a student at FIT.

Justice Jay
Jay is a Jamaican-American cosplayer, editor, and advocate. Her work has been featured by SyFy, BBC America, and Marvel Comics, and she has been the inspiration for new characters in DC Comics and Boom Studios. Since 2009 she has crafted over 70 costumes and created panels at conventions across the country on the topics of comics, gaming, diversity in media and costuming. As an outspoken POC, LGBTQIA+ and disability advocate, Jay is dedicated to creating lasting change within her community & inspiring others to do the same.  

Photo of Karina Karsinova

Karina Kirsanova
An alumni of FIT, Karina is NYC-based artist. She has been working on bettering her art skills with different types of mediums and inspirations from her favorite cartoons. Her major body of works are recreations of her favorite shows into her own art style. She is constantly selling fan art and traditional works online and at attended art cons.

Paul Kupperberg
Paul is a writer and executive editor at Charlton Neo Comics and Pix-C Webcomics, and a contributing author with Crazy 8 Press. Formerly, he was an editor for DC Comics and executive editor of Weekly World News, as well as a writer of novels, comic books, and newspaper strips. Kupperberg has written an estimated 1,000 comic book stories for Archie, Superman, Green Lantern, Batman, Doom Patrol, Thunderbolt, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Ambush Bug and the list goes on and on.

Celeste Lai
Celeste’s stories connect large meaningful distant concepts with seemingly tiny little bridges. On the surface, her images and writings are child-like and sincere, but underneath is a deep world of inner-contemplation from the mind of a woman who has dedicated her life to pondering. Graduated from SVA in Traditional Animation, Celeste crafts her career by venturing through different visual storytelling mediums. Her works span from animated short films to illustrated children’s books, playwriting, and currently a young-adult graphic novel.

Fabian Lelay
New York Born, Philippine raised comic creator with work focusing on diversity and representation of marginalized characters. Comic Credits include: Jade Street Protection Services, Gravity Matters (Cover), This Nightmare, Kills Fascists, We are the Danger and Mine! A comics collection to benefit Planned Parenthood.

This is a group dedicated to creating a central hub for LGBT+ and Diversity fandom. The organization, launched in early 2016, focuses on developing programming and special events with the ideals of collaboration, education, advocacy, activism, empowerment and body positivity. The organization is an upcoming non-profit that exhibits at comic book conventions up and down the east coast. LGBT HQ focuses on direct patron response programming, special events, and philanthropic efforts. We create the panels and programs that you want to see. LGBT HQ is the organizer of the Captain Green Lantern Competition, currently in its 5th year. 

Alexa Lieppert
Alexa is a Long Island based Illustration major in the 3rd year at FIT. Alexa draws mostly anime art, as well as original characters and illustrations. 

Junyu Lin
Jessie, as she also goes by, is a New York-based illustrator and a student in FIT’s Illustration MFA program. Her style is a combination of reality and fantasy and she aspires to become a comic book artist. Jessie now also works for The Grid, an electronic magazine of FIT.

Enrique Lopez
Born to Cuban parents in Puerto Rico, “Quique” has always been fascinated with telling stories. Writing from early age, he discovered comics and the love affair never waned. Though mostly an inker, he also sketches and will spin a nice yarn if asked nicely. Currently, he is working on a collection of stories for late 2019. Quique was recently a finalist for the NJ Live Story Telling Contest. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter : studiomaenefl.

Heidi MacDonald
A writer, editor and journalist, Heidi is also the publisher of The Comic Beat. She created her long-running blog The Beat: The News Blog of Comics Culture at in June 2004, before moving it to Publishers Weekly in 2006, and to an independent site in 2010. She is a former editor for DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint and Disney Adventures, and she edited the graphic novel The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning from Fox Atomic Comics that served as a prequel to the 2006 film. MacDonald also served as an editor and writer at Publishers Weekly.

​Anthony Marques
Anthony has been an editor at Dynamite Entertainment and is currently an artist for Dynamite, IDW, and Dark Horse on titles such as Doc Savage, Red Sonja, Green Hornet, Back to the Future, Army of Darkness, and Vampirella. He has also taught at the Joe Kubert School and owns and runs Dewey’s Comic City in Madison, NJ.

Alitha E. Martinez
Alitha is an artist best known for her work drawing for Marvel’s Iron Man, NBC’s Heroes, and DC’s Batgirl. Martinez has been working at Marvel Comics since the 90s when she got her first major gig as an assistant to Joe Quesada. She co-created the villain Knightfall and helped create the artwork, including cover art, for the special commemorative issue of Riverdale by Archie Comics. In addition, Martinez contributed drawings for the comic book series World of Wakanda, a spin-off from the Marvel Comics’ Black Panther title that is written by Roxane Gay and Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Mark Mazz
Mark is an American comic book art director, editor and writer. He is best known for being the creative director for Harris Comics from 1995-1998, and the Design Services Manager for DC Comics in 1998-1999. In December 2008, he founded Atlas Unleashed a new venture which combines the strength of the talent in the independent comics community with the broadbase of traditional publishing, e-commerce, on-line content and mobility devices.

Photo of Omar Mirza

Omar Mirza
The son of South Asian immigrants, Omar is the co-creator of Zindan, the best selling comic of Pakistan. A saga of South Indian superheroes and supervillains set in the 17th century Mughal Empire. Along with his co-creator Khurram Mehtabdin, they also produced the New York Comic Con hit The Incapable Trump. Omar comes from Cincinnati, OH and by day, is a medical doctor.

Ed Murr
An Illustrator for over twenty years, Ed has been creating art for a wide range of clients. Starting off at the Marvel Comics Bullpen in the nineties, working alongside legendary cartoonists and moving over to the Topps Company, Ed immersed himself in the study of storytelling and illustration. He has also worked as a storyboard artist for various advertising, films and television productions for live action and animation. Ed is also a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology’s MFA in Illustration Program where he now teaches comic book art.

Jonah Newman
Jonah is a cartoonist and editor. He’s the writer and illustrator of the graphic novel Empire On Edge, which ran as a serial webcomic from September 2018 to May 2019. His other projects range from personal memoir to little-known history. When he’s not making comics, you might find him working his day job at Scholastic, bingeing history podcasts, or getting too invested in his fantasy baseball team.

Jamar Nicholas
Jamar is an award- winning, Philadelphia-based artist and educator. He has taught and lectured on the topic of comics creation at numerous institutions, dedicating his career to empowering young people to create their own cartoons and comics, helping them realize the power of visual narrative. He is the creator behind Leon: Protector of the Playground and he is also a writer and columnist for Draw! Magazine, the How-To source for comic book and animation professionals, and was a host of the Comic Book Diner podcast, focusing on the business of comics.

Photo of Lora Nicolas

Lora Nicolas (Pageant Emcee)
Lora is an actor and singer living in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of…New York City. She has played Kim in Miss Saigon, Anita in West Side Story, Joanne in Rent, Lucy in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, Janet Van de Graaff in The Drowsy Chaperone, Christmas Eve in Avenue Q, and Meg in Little Women. She also originated the role of Hannah in Vital Theater’s StinkyKids the Musical—which won an Off Broadway Alliance Award Winner for Best Family Musical. Lora is also a huge geek for the sci-fi and fantasy genres, and “casually cosplays” for fun. Follow her cosplaying on Instagram @ dailycasualcosplays.

NYC Cosplay Meetup
A group of folks eager to cosplay in many genres or events.  They go to cons, ren faire, anime events in NYC & nearby areas. They also attend special themed or holiday events.  Cosplayers and the people who enjoy them are welcome.  Costumes are not required but it makes things more fun!! Cosplay is for All!

Ayomide Omobo
“Ayo” is a Nigerian-American first-generation immigrant. She is passionate about social justice especially as it pertains to race, gender and queerness and their many intersections, and all of her writing revolves around social justice in some way or another. She is the writer of Osun, a comic book about an empowered Black girl and the lengths she will go to protect the ones she loves.

Rachel Pace
Rachel is an animator with Nickelodeon’s interactive content team. She creates content for Noggin’s new Play-Along video collection, along with Nick Jr. digital shorts and promos. Since joining Nickelodeon in 2016, Rachel has worked with established 3d properties such as Paw Patrol, Blaze and the Monster Machines, and Butterbean’s Cafe. Born and raised in Staten Island, she is a graduate of FIT’s Computer Animation and Interactive Media program.

Co-founded by veteran editor/writer Jim Salicrup, Papercutz is an American publisher of family-friendly comic books and graphic novels, mostly based on licensed properties such as Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, and Lego Ninjago. Papercutz has also published new volumes of the Golden Age-era comics series Classics Illustrated and Tales from the Crypt. In recent years they have begun publishing English translations of European (mostly French) all-ages comics, including The Smurfs.

Pronto Comics
A project started by alumni of Andy Schmidt’s Comics Experience workshop, Pronto is a non-profit comic book publisher whose goal is to bring together aspiring comic creators and help them bring their work to fruition, so they can parlay it into professional work in the comics industry. Currently headed by Dominic Sparano, David Rondinelli, Dennis Knight and Dave Kozlowski and Ramon Gil, they produce numerous titles like Deathology, Nap Boy, Create Destroy Repeat, Blackout, Manga Nation and many more!

Michael L. Reiss
Mike is an American television comedy writer and author. He served as a show-runner, writer and producer for the animated series The Simpsons and co-created the animated series The Critic. He created and wrote the webtoon Queer Duck and has also worked on screenplays including: Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, The Simpsons Movie and My Life in Ruins.

Photo of Andrew Frank Rodriguez

Andrew Frank Rodriguez
A graduate of NYIT, Andrew is a comic artist, fantasy map and game designer. He has been published by Pronto Comics, Animnation, Black Out and most recently in Robots vs Princesses by Todd Matthy for Dynamite. Currently he is working on a top secret tabletop RPG game. It was while studying to be a chef at Johnson and Wales University when he discovered his love for drawing Fantasy.

Photo of Stephanie Rodriguez

Stephanie Rodriguez
Born in the Bronx, Stephanie is a freelance illustrator and comic book artist who gets her voice from past experiences. Her characters are very relatable and touch on subjects such as self-love, being Latina, and getting over a breakup. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2011 and since then she has been producing self-published comics and freelancing for clients like Buzzfeed and Penguin Random House.

Jon Roscetti
Jon is a fifteen-year veteran in New York’s animation industry. Known for his credits on The Venture Brothers, Our Cartoon President, and Blaze & the Monster Machines, he has worked for the biggest studios in television. A graduate of The School of Visual Arts, Jon, with his twin-brother Matt, established Inkstains, a student cartooning publication, whose legacy continues on today. An internship at DC Comics along with a hands-on job at a print shop prepared Jon for the nitty-gritty of publishing.

Saving Jane
Saving Jane is an innovative educational tool that educates young people about human trafficking and empowers them to protect themselves. Created with the help of federal law enforcement, educators, and survivors of human trafficking, the graphic novel is designed to teach children to identify recruitment conversations, effectively deal with predators and traffickers, and define who they can go to for help.

Catherine Schuller
Catherine has always been a champion of diversity whether it was as a fashion model, a comedienne, a magazine editor or as one of the many roles she has played throughout her career. She teaches plus size fashion design at Fashion Institute of Technology and is the Creative Director and Curator for Fashion Takeover, Stairway of Fashion, and Curvy Art + Fashion in New York City. Her secret identify is as the widow and legacy advocate of the legendary Senior Executive Editor, Mark Gruenwald.  He was called the “heart and soul of Marvel Comics.”

Secrets of the Sire
An acclaimed podcast hosted by comic book artists and writers Michael Dolce and Hassan Godwin, has been steadily growing in popularity since its launch in 2016 consumed by over 50K per a month.Podcasts receive global distribution on Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, YouTube, Google Play, Spreaker, Soundcloud, Stitcher and more. In 2019, Secrets of the Sire gained distribution on ROKU, Sonos, and Apple TV.

The Society of Illustrators
The Society is an international organization, with artists and members from continents across the earth. In our work, we honor the beliefs that art and culture crosses borders and that curiosity and perspective, rather than fear and divisiveness, are the key to meaningful and successful cross-cultural dialogue and greater understanding between people. The Society runs the Museum of Illustration and organizes the MoCCA Arts Festival.

Robert J. Sodaro
Bob is a storyteller and graphic production artist who not only writes articles and stories but does prepress production work for several indie publishers including, Red Anvil, Main Enterprises, Pronto, Atlas Unleashed, and others. Some of his characters include Agent Unknown, Wülf Girlz, Girl Skout Wars, and Hot Girl & Totally Hot Girl. His blog can be found at

Photo of Chris Sotomayor

Christopher Sotomayor
Chris is a professional comic book colorist and head of Soto Color. Chris has worked for every major comic book publisher, including Marvel, DC and Image. His work includes titles such as Captain Marvel, Avengers, Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Deadpool, Supreme Power, and Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four.

Carli Spina
Carli has written extensively about graphic novels for several online publications, particularly for The Hub, the YA Literature blog of the American Library Association’s Young Adult Library Services Association. She is also a member of the American Library Association’s Graphic Novels & Comics Round Table and has a chapter coming out later this year on nonfiction graphic novels for libraries.

T.J. Sterling
TJ has worked for Marvel Entertainment in New York City in it’s famous Bullpen and has done some cover work for Dark Horse Comics. In 2014, TJ started his own comic book company – RAE Comics. The first comic book produced by Tj and his team of professional artisans was “Okemus” which debuted at the San Diego Comic Con 2015. Currently Okemus is on the shelves at different comic shops across the nation and has been a fan favorite for the past 5 years.

Tetsuo Tamanaha
Tetsuo holds an MFA in theatrical costume production from the College of Fine Arts at Boston University, a BS in theatrical costume design from Brooklyn College, and an AAS in Fashion Design from FIT.  His research interests include creative draping, patternmaking, and historical costumes. He has worked as a designer and patternmaker for such companies as DKNY Coat, BCBG Azria Group, and Alice + Olivia, and was previously an adjunct faculty member at FIT.

Dan Tandarich
Dan is a writer for Back Issue, a magazine devoted to comics. By day, he uses comics to help educated 5th graders at PS 124 through his work at the New York City Comic Book Museum where he founded the program called C.O.M.I.C.S.: Challenging Objective Minds: An Instructional Comic book Series, which brings comic books into the classroom.

Photo of Vivek Tiwary

Vivek J. Tiwary
A comic book geek at heart, Vivek is an award-winning Broadway producer and author of the New York Times best-selling graphic novel The Fifth Beatle about the untold and tragic story of the Beatles’ gay manager, Brian Epstein. The Fifth Beatle won the 2014 Eisner Award for Comics. It is currently being adapted TV as a six-part TV event series that has secured unprecedented access to Beatles music.​

Photo of Will Torres

Will Torres
Will is a self taught illustrator and the creator/writer/artist on Saint Of Assassins, KillBorg: Revenge, Mr.Venture and The Tweeting Trump from Vision Quest Comics. Prior to that, he was a contributing artist on the Official Walking Dead Magazine. Other popular comics work includes artist on pop music comic book titled Artist:J #1, pinup artist on DMC#1 from hip-hop legend Darryl ”DMC” McDaniels and Run DMC game, and artist on the indie rock music comic book The Apneist, from indie rock band A Life Of Science! He is also the creator of Mr.Venture: Man Of Adventure, co-created with the help of comic legend STAN LEE!

Billy Tucci
Aside from being an FIT alumni, Billy is an accomplished cartoonist best known for his Eisner Award-nominated samurai fable, “Shi” who he named after an FIT professor. He has also worked on “Sgt. Rock”, “Harley Quinn”, “Flash Vs. Superman” and “Batman.” His Christmas story, “A Child Is Born” has quietly turned into an international blockbuster after winning the Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award. Currently, Billy is working on “Miss Fury” for Dynamite and two new creator owned projects, “Zombie-Sama!” and “Appalachian Apocalypse” as well as “Wonder Woman.

Photo of Trevor Von Eeden

Trevor Von Eeden
Trevor was the youngest and first black artist hired by DC Comics back in the late ’70s. Famous for drawing Batman and Green Arrow, and author of The Original Johnson, about the first African-American heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson. Trevor is also the co-creator of Black Lightning, currently a hit TV show.

Photo of Jerome Walford

Jerome Walford
An immigrant himself, from Jamaica, Jerome teaches under Computer Graphics at FIT and is the award winning writer, artist and publisher of Forward Comix which has produced the series Nowhere Man and The Gwan Anthology. A collection of immigrant stories which won the 2017 Independent Book Award. By day he runs his own design company called the Blue Griffin.

Jeffrey Wallach
Jeff teaches fashion design at FIT and has been a costume shop manager for the New York Theater Workshop. He has worked on wardrobe for dozens of film and stage productions for over three decades. His costuming credits include New York Vice, A Girl’s Best Friend, Bad Blood, Firestorm, Blood Sisters and many more.

Wenjia Wang
Wenjia is a NY based Illustrator. She graduated from SVA illustration major in 2018, and now she is attending FIT for her master’s degree. Her work combines the traditional ink line drawing with digital coloring. She had a series of illustration work about monsters from different culture folk tales. The Dunhuang cave mural influenced her color pallet. The gentle color choice and smooth ink line drawing makes the monsters not scary creature but somehow have its beauty.

Wayward Raven
Launched in 20102, Wayward Raven Publishes limited series and one-shot comic books that have a beginning, middle and end. Our work is not just plot focused, but also character driven. Most importantly, DEAD IS DEAD. We will also publish prose since most novels and short story collections are stand alone. It’s our niche. And we like it.

Photo of Alison Wilgus

Alison Wilgus
Alison is a Brooklyn-based writer, editor and cartoonist who’s been working in comics for over a decade. She attended the Undergraduate Film and Television program at the Tisch School for the Arts, and got her start working for Cartoon Network’s “Codename: Kids Next Door” as a colorist and staff writer. Most of her professional work since then has been writing for comics, including two nonfiction graphic novels with First Second Books about aviation and human spaceflight. Her latest work is Chronin, a science-fiction duology from Tor books. In her spare time, she co-hosts a podcast about comics publishing called “Graphic Novel TK” with Gina Gagliano. She tweets and Instagrams as @AliWilgus and you can find many of her comics and stories at

Photo of Keith Williams

Keith Williams
Keith is an American comic book and comic strip artist. He is best known for illustrating The Phantom for over a decade together with George Olesen. He also worked on Superman with John Byrne. Keith worked for Marvel for over 20 years, done many titles such as Spiderman, Punisher, Silver Surfer, The Phantom Daily Comic Strip and more. He has also inked other books like Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Buckaroo Banzai and Domino Lady from Moonstone Books.

Logo of Women in Comic Collective International

Women in Comics Collective International
Founded by comics writer and editor Regine Sawyer, Women in Comics Collective International, (WinC for short, pronounced as “Wink”), is an artistic and informative Initiative that began in May 2012. It serves to educate communities about the role and merit of women working in the Comic Book/Multimedia industries, as well as highlight the importance of literacy through the comic book medium. Our collective has an ever growing membership! With traveling art exhibitions, workshops, and a long-running Panel Series.

Yichun Xie
Yichun is a New York-based illustrator who currently majors in MFA illustration at FIT, and she also holds a BA in Fine Art Design of Theatre, Film & TV degree from CAA. She is accustomed to drawing with digital tools and also loves to do handmade crafts. She likes to find inspiration in music, literature, and movies, expressing a silent, meaningful atmosphere in her work.

Photo of Lynne Yoshii

Lynne Yoshii
Lynne is a comic book artist and illustrator, and an alumna of the 2016 DC Comics Artist Development Workshop and winner of the Dare2Draw reality show competition. She has done work for DC Comics, Boom! Studios, and Time for Kids magazine. Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Lynne currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Camila Zhang
Camilla serves as the Comics Outreach Lead for Kickstarter. As a creator herself, Camilla’s work has been published by Top Cow, Reading with Pictures, and Crossed Genres. She’s also worked with Marvel, Mad Cave and DC Comics, where she helped edit the Before Watchmen series, Batman: Black & White Vol. 4, Batman: Death by Design, and Batman: Noël. In 2017, she was accepted to the VONA Fiction workshop, an organization for writers of color.

Jay Zeltmann
Jay is a Queer Animator/ Illustrator
and recent grad from this school’s prestigious Illustration Associate’s program. A part time student and full time nerd, you’ll usually catch this cooky kid drawing eccentric characters and discussing intersectional feminism with
friends. As the former Treasurer of LGBTQ+ Alliance from Spring 2018-2019, Jay is dedicated to creating community and safety among FIT’s LGBTQ+students. In free time, Jay may be writing, reading comic books, or destroying the Patriarchy!

Photo of Shea Zubair

Shea Zubair
Shea has been drawing since he was old enough to figure out what a pencil is and hasn’t stopped since. Being able to create people, objects, worlds, even history, thrills him. When not working on his personal comic projects, he is working on storyboards, designing characters, illustrating children’s books, creating sketchcards, and more.