Following is a list of confirmed exhibitors who will be taking part in our virtual marketplace. To visit the virtual marketplace check back on this page on October 16. To apply to be an exhibitor, click here.

Ahoy Comics
Backroom Comics
Cristian Aluas
Atta Apricot
Comic Arts Workshop
Alexa Cassaro
Michael Dolce
Mar Dumas

Fairsquare Comics
Naseed Gifted
Michael Grassia
Graham Henderson
Enrica Jang
John Jennison
Brian Kong
Enrique Lopez

Magnetic Press
Alitha Martinez
Shanai Melvin
Jonah Newman
Ayomide Omobo
Jill Pratzon
Jan Marc Quisumbing
Emily Ree

Derwin Roberson
Fabrice Sapolsky
Society of Illustrators
Robert Sodaro
George Vega
Miriam Yoo
JJ Zeltmann